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News - 2013

December 2013 - Final job of the year (fingers crossed) and I'm Camera Operating on a pilot for a potential Chat Show for Channel 4. Always nice to step up, have to remind myself to not worry about the Focus and concentrate on the framing.

December 2013 - Focus Pulling on a commercial for 'The Sun' this weekend. Early starts and shooting most things at 120fps, should be on TV in the New Year.

November 2013 - This week I had a childhood dream come true and I got to work with 'The Muppets' on 'Robbie Williams; One Night at the Palladium'. It was very cool, and a little surreal, to work with characters you grew up with as a kid!

September/October 2013 - One day after finishing 'Allies', I start 1st AC'ing on another feature called 'Meet the Guvnors'. Very enjoyable shoot and I also had my birthday on set. Even though I was working, I had a great day and cake for lunch always helps!

September 2013 - A music video I DP'd for my cousin Elissa Franceschi a few months back has been released online. A big thank you to Ben Turner for editing this for me.....

August 2013 - Shooting an album trailer for the artist 'John Newman' today. Shooting on RED Epic and RED One MX, it took a while to remember the menu on the MX. Should hopefully get some play on tv with this one.

August 2013 - DP'd a nice walk through of 'Google's' new exhibition at the London Science Museum for Brigden Productions. Always tough shooting 17:00 - 04:00 in an enclosed space, but always enjoyable to be in a tourist attraction after hours. Got to test out the GoPro app on the iPhone as well as some of my new kit.

July 2013 - During the filming of 'Art Ache', I also AC'd and was 'B' Camera Operator on an episode for the upcoming BBC series about 'the Plantagenets'. These were the royal dynasty before 'The Tudors'. A beautiful day out in the sun shooting some battle re-enactment footage.

June 2013 - Focus Pulled on an enjoyable short thriller on the last weekend of June. Shot mostly in cars and via a low-loader, 'Blink' follows the journey of 2 serial killers and their victims. Very exciting to be shooting on a low-loader at 50 mph with nothing but a strap and bit of scaff-pole to keep me safe.

June 2013 - The first episode of the Web series I DOP'd, 'Nights at the Round Table', have been released online. So far its at almost 1000 views in less than 4 days!

May 2013 - A short film I Focus Pulled on last year called 'Persistance' has won a number of awards at the LA Film Awards, including 'Best Cinematography' and 'Best Narrative Short'. Very proud to have been apart of this film! It was a very tough shoot, but it goes to show that there are plenty of freebie-shoots that can really do well!

May 2013 - Wrapped Focus Pulling on a short film called 'Outside In' for Take Cover Films. Originally supposed to shoot on the Panavision Genesis , we were upgraded to the new Sony F55 with Panavision Primo lenses. Great cast and crew!

April 2013 - Wrapped Focus Pulling on a very interesting project by York-based production company Parashoots. A Future-noir short film/advert, it was a great way to advertise a product and something I hope to see more of. Plus it was great to work again with the cream of York-based film talent.

April 2013 - My first photography work for the year was the Bermondsey St. Georges' Day Fair. Its been running for 8 years and is organised by the community to bring St. Georges' Day back into the World view as a day to celebrate all the races, cultures and religions that make up this great country. The day was a success, plus it was a nice change for me.

April 2013 - Wrapped Focus Pulling on a short film called 'OK Nothing'. Bit of a art-house plot intended to be a application film for the MA in Directing Course at the NFTS. DOP'ed by Eben Bolter, was an enjoyable shoot (especially as most of it was shot at around T4).

March 2013 - Towards the end of last year I was 'B' Camera Operator for a couple days on a BBC3 reality show called 'New Kids on the Block'. The first episode aired this month, now called 'The Baby Bomb' most of the footage I shot won't appear till episode 3 or 4, but I did spot a couple of my GV's in Episode 1. Give the series a watch on iPlayer here.

March 2013 - A release date for 'I Am Soldier' a feature I Focus Pulled on last month has been set for Autumn this year! A small article, plus the first images from the film, can be seen here:

February 2013 - The trailer for a feature, "White Lie", I Focus Pulled on almost 2 years ago has been released. At the time of shooting, I had been FP'ing for 6 months, so I'm looking forward to seeing how far I've come.
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February 2013 - A short film I DP'd nearly 2 years ago has got into the BFI Future Film festival and has been screened to audiences at the BFI! You can watch 'Your Star' below;

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January 2013 - Just been to see the new 'McCullin' documentary. It's not often I write about films I've been to see here, but this documentary was so powerful and beautiful that I felt it deserved a mention. I would definitely recommend seeing it!

January 2013 - A music video I shot on RED One last year has been released online. All shot at 50fps, it was my first experience of DP'ing at a high frame rate, certainly learnt alot!

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December 2013 - Sod's law, had a last minute job come in just before I close up shop for Christmas. Great views from the waterside location. Not a bad way to finish the year, despite the cold.....

December 2013 - Was at a Wild West ranch today for a music promo. The same Wild West ranch that RED DWARF was shot at. Doesn't seem to of changed that much to be honest.

November 2013 - Stepping up to 2nd UNIT DOP and 'B' Camera Operator on the feature 'Dragons of Camelot'. A tough 2 week shoot in North Wales with a US crew. Really enjoyed the shoot and especially enjoyed the chance to step up!

October 2013 - Another music video I DP'd for my cousin Elissa Franceschi was released this month. Choreography by Missie Frank and Edited by Ollie Rillands. I thought this one came out well, leanred a lot for next time tho.

September 2013 - A feature I 1st AC'd on last year called 'Whoops!' is screening in London as part of the Raindance Festival. Always nice to enjoy the one glamorous part of our industry, even if there was no red carpet this time...

August 2013 - 1st AC'ing on a WW2 feature called 'Allies' for 4 weeks. Shooting on Arri Alexa with Anamorphic lenses, it will be my first WW2 shoot. Epic battle scenes with explosions, tanks, armoured vehicles and plenty of extra's.......

August 2013 - 1st AC'd on a short/music video for a friend based around a series of fights/stunts. Some great footage in abandoned warehouses and alleyways. Looking forward to seeing some of the footage back on this one.

July 2013 - On my day off from 'Art Ache', I DP'd a short documentary for Dir. Rachel Forbes about powerful women in the workplace. Hopefully it will turn into a nice little series.

July 2013 - Focus Pulled on a low budget feature throughout July called 'Art Ache'. A nice little romantic comedy revolving round the modern art scene in London.

June 2013 - A trailer has been released for a future noir short/commercial I Focus Puller on in York a few months back. From the trailer, it looks great and I cant wait to see the full version.

May 2013 - Wrapped on a great little short called 'Up On The Roof'. Shot on Arri Alexa 4:3 with Hawk Anamorphic lenses. It was my first shoot Focus Pulling on Anamorphic lenses and I'm really pleased with the results. Not nearly as bad as I was expecting! Great cast (including Maisie Williams from Game of Thrones) and crew.

May 2013 - The music video I DOP'd for 'The Skints' was released this week. Overall I'm very pleased with it. Its a great summer track and at the time of writing its had nearly 9000 views in under 3 days!

April 2013 - A last minute bit of DP work came in this week. The job was a music video for the band, 'The Skints'. A great concept inspired by Michael Gondry's 'Science of Sleep'. It was also great to dust off my light metre and DOP again. Managed to get a great rental deal on a C300 and plenty of HMI's, all in all a very good day!!

April 2013 - The same weekend as the St.Georges Day fair, I photographed my brother, Sam, who was running the London Marathon. He ran to raise money for Bede House charity and completed the 26-odd miles in a respectable 5hrs53mins. We were very proud of him and hope that it doesn't take him too long to recover afterwards.

April 2013 - A trailer has been released for a short film I DP'd almost 3 years ago! Seeing as most of the HOD's had only just graduated from University, 'Hobgoblyn' was a pretty ambitious shoot. Im eager to see it as we have all come a long way since then.....

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March 2013 - Just wrapped Camera Assisting on a series of gigs for Joe Bonamassa's world tour. Multi-camera set up at three different venues, Shepherds Bush Empire, Hammersmith Apollo and Royal Albert Hall. Very straight forward shoot, and got some experience on the Sony PDW-800.

March 2013 - Wrapped on a short called 'Home Economics'. Feels like ages since I last Focus Pulled on the RED Epic. Spent most of the shoot shooting inside a moving car.

February 2013 - A Documentary I Camera Assisted and shot some 'B' Camera for has been aired on Channel 4. Called 'A Great British Air Disaster' its available to view on 4OD.

February 2013 - Wrapped Focus Pulling on my first feature of 2013, also is my first action movie. Called 'I Am Soldier' starring Tom Hughes, Alex Reid and Noel Clarke, should be getting a cinema release next year through Lionsgate!

January 2013 - After two weeks of waiting around, I've just wrapped on my first day of work for 2013! It was a day Focus Pulling on a viral advert for Croc shoes. Nice to work with the Alexa again, also the first time I've used a Preston FF.

January 2013 - I begin the year editing together an acoustic session I shot in December of singer/songwriter Elissa Franceschi. Simple set-up, shot in 3 hours, we managed to get through 7 tracks.