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News - 2012

December 2012 - Just watched my cousin headline a sold out gig at Wembley Arena. An out-standing achievement for anyone, very proud of him.

December 2012 - The trailer for a web-series I guest-DOP'd on has just been released. Great fun to shoot, shame other commitments meant I couldn't DOP the entire series.

November 2012 - Wrapped AC'ing on a drama/doc about the life of Isaac Newton for the BBC. Extremely informative and with a great cast (Jonathan Hyde, David Bamber, James Laurenson).

November 2012 - Bede House's Annual Review has been published using some of my photographs. It's so nice to see your work in print.

November 2012 - The trailer for a short film I worked on earlier in the year has just gone online. It was a great shoot, with a great crew. First time I had worked in the lighting dept for a while!
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November 2012 - A short film I Focus Pulled on by Parashoots for York City Council has just gone online. Shot on RED One MX and Super 8mm Film. Enjoy!

October 2012 - The screening of "Your Star" went well at the Latimer Talks Film Festival. We came a respectable 3rd (out of six shorts) and feedback on the film was very good. Not everyday I get asked to do a Q&A either.......(Photo by Damilola Akanbi)

October 2012 - Just completed a project taking photographs for Bede House Association's Annual Review. Hopefully the stills will be used for other publications and media.

August 2012 - Wrapped as Focus Puller on York-based feature "Whoops!". Well done to all cast and crew, look forward to seeing the final result.


July 2012 - An enjoyable experience Data Wrangling on Tiresias Media's latest short "BlindEye". Good experience working with the Atomos Samurai Recorder!

May 2012 - Great couple of days Focus Pulling on a proof of concept trailer for up-coming York-based film "Whoops!". Hopefully this will help Milestone Film get the extra funding in! Its been a while since I worked with these guys, always a fun experience.

May 2012 - Wrapped focus pulling on the UK Unit for a short film "Persistance". Tough shoot, but worth it in terms of story, performance and cinematography!

March 2012 - Wrapped as Director of Photography on Eboracum Pictures latest short "Fighter Pilot". A real pleasure to work with so many professionals on a wonderful short film. Some outstanding performances!!

January 2012 - Just wrapped Camera Operating on a proof of concept trailer for an up-coming feature called "BLUD!" Looking forward to the premiere screening at BAFTA.

December 2012 - Wrapped Focus Pulling on the feature "Panic!". Great cast (incl. David Gyasi, Pippa Nixon, Yennis Cheung) and crew. An absolute pleasure to FINALLY work with the Arri Alexa. As you can see from the photo below, we got to shoot some pretty cool shots with a 600mm lense!

December 2012 - Wrapped on shooting an Acoustic session for singer/songwriter Elissa Franceschi. Nice, simple shoot for online distribution. Photo by Skye Portman.

November 2012 - Wrapped Focus Pulling on a music video for Nigerian rapper '9ice' for UR Fresh TV. Mostly steadycam on RED Epic, we got some great shots. Always a pleasure to Focus Pull with Arri Ultraprimes!

November 2012 - Wrapped on a short film "Tennis" starring Joseph Gilgun. Shot on RED Epic with Cooke Panchro lenses. Beautifully shot and performed, looking forward to cutting shots from this into my showreel!

November 2012 - A short docu/drama I was DOP on last year has been entered into the Kendal Mountain Film Festival! Very chuffed, enjoy the trailer.
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November 2012 - Just wrapped on a drama doc for Darlow Smithson & Channel 4. Pretty cool (actually freezing) locations. Really impressed with the Canon C300, easy to use and with beautiful results.

October 2012 - Wrapped on dailies as a Camera Operator for an upcoming BBC3 series. Not sure how much I'm allowed to say, however it will be on TV February 2013. Looking forward to seeing my shots on the little screen!

October 2012 - A short film I was Director of Photography on last year, called "Your Star", has been accepted into the Latimer Talks Film Festival!

September 2012 - Wrapped as Focus Puller on Palm Tree Films latest feature "Heckle". It was nice to AC with the RED Epic finally!

August 2012 - Wrapped on shooting a wedding for York-based production company Glass Cannon. Congratulations to Emma and Ciaran on their wedding!

June 2012 - Great pick-ups shoot 2nd AC'ing for Agile Films on a music video for the band 'Alt-J'. Great band, great track, great video! Definitely going to buy the album!

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May 2012 - Have been shooting a new ident with Bradley Media for a betting company (can't tell you which one). Not everyday you get to remote focus pull from a quad bike moving at high speed!

April 2012 - Wrapped as Director of Photography on a music video shoot in Leeds. Interesting concept and production design. Shot everything at 50fps and I'm pretty happy with the rushes. Looking forward to seeing it edited and graded.

February 2012 - Currently shooting a feature called "Luck" on the streets of Central London. AC/Data Wrangling from a mag-liner in the middle of Soho in definitely a challenge!