- Short-listed for North Yorkshire's Intern of the Year 2011
                        - Full Clean UK Driving License
                        - BA (Hons) Film and Television Production (York St John University)
                        - Foundation Diploma Art & Design specialising in Media (Arts Institute at
                        - Experience Assisting and Operating Arri 435/416, Sony EX1/EX3, JVC HDV 
                           200, Sony PMW-F3/F55, RED One MX, Canon C300/C500, RED Epic and Arri Alexa (All Variants)
                        - Experience operating a variety of Grip equipment
                        - Experience working with SG Pro 35mm DoF Adapter
                        - Editing experience with Final Cut Pro and Adobe Photoshop
                        - Based in both York and London
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Year of ProductionFormatProduction NameProduction CompanyRole
Year of ProductionFormatProduction NameProduction CompanyRole
2014 Feature (RED Epic) "Breakdown" Screen 360 'A' Camera 1st AC/Focus Puller 
2013 Short Film (RED Epic) "OK, Nothing" Met Film School 1st Assistant Camera/Focus Puller 
2013 Feature Film (RED Epic) "Meet The Guvnors" Fulwell 73 'A' Camera 1st AC/Focus Puller 
2013 Corporate (Canon 5D MkII) "A Day In The Life" Jubilee Centre 1st Assistant Camera/Focus Puller 
2013 Feature Film (RED Epic) "Dragons of Camelot" American World Pictures 2nd Unit DOP/'B' Camera Operator 
2013 Feature Film (Alexa 4:3 Anamorphic) "Allies" Summerwood Media Ltd. 1st Assistant Camera/Focus Puller 
2013 Feature Film (RED Epic) "Art Ache" Sea Urchin Films Ltd. 1st Assistant Camera/Focus Puller 
2013 Corporate (RED Scarlet) "Smoko Ad" Parashoots 1st Assistant Camera/Focus Puller 
2013 Television Documentary (Sony F55, Sony FS700, Canon 5D Mk2) "The Plantagenets - Episode 3" BBC Camera Assistant 
2013 Viral Advert (Arri Alexa) 'Slip Out, Slip In' Compulsory Viewing 1st Assistant Camera/Focus Puller 
2013 Short Film (Arri Alexa 4:3 Anamorphic) "Up On The Roof" Tag Productions Ltd 1st Assistant Camera/Focus Puller 
2013 Short Film (RED Epic) "Home Economics" Rohan Green Productions 1st Assistant Camera/Focus Puller 
2013 Feature Film (Arri Alexa) "I Am Soldier" Soldier Elite Ltd/Lionsgate 1st Assistant Camera/Focus Puller 
2013 Music Video (Canon C300) "The Skints - Out My Mind" Chris Hugall Director of Photography 
2013 Short Film (Arri Alexa) "Columbite Tantalite" Young Vic/Guardian 1st Assistant Camera/Focus Puller 
2013 Corporate/Event (Sont PDW800) "Joe Bonamassa Live at the Royal Albert Hall" Lauterbach/Loft Films  Camera Assistant 
2013 Short Film (Arri Alexa) "Insomniacs" Mugshot Films 1st Assistant Camera/Focus Puller (Dailies) 
2013 Corporate (DSLR) "Signature Brewery: Scroobius Pip" Signature Brewery Lighting/Cameraman 
2013 Corporate/Event (Sony PDW800)  "Joe Bonamassa Live at Shepherds Bush Empire" Lauterbach/Loft Films  Camera Assistant 
2013 Short Film (Sony F55) "Outside In" Take Cover Films 1st Assistant Camera/Focus Puller 
2013 Corporate/Event (RED Epic) "Robbie Williams at the Palladium" Fulwell 73 'A' Cam 1st AC/Focus Puller 
2013 Corporate/Event (Sont PDW800) "Joe Bonamassa Live at the Hammersmith Apollo" Lauterbach/Loft Films  Camera Assistant 
2013 Short Film (Arri Alexa Studio) "Blink" Starfish Films Ltd. 1st Assistant Camera/Focus Puller 
2012 Corporate (Sony PMW-F3) "Ladbrokes Ident" Bradley Media 1st Assistant Camera/Focus Puller 
2012 Feature Film (Arri Alexa) "Panic" Panic Movie Ltd. 1st Assistant Camera/Focus Puller 
2012 Music Video (Arri Alexa) The Pigeon Detectives - 'Animal' pd3 Camera Assistant 
2012 Promo (RED One/DSLR) 'Whoops!' - Promo Milestone Films 1st Assistant Camera/Focus Puller 
2012 Corporate (Sony EX-3) "Northern Gas Network" Bradley Media Camera Operator 
2012 Corporate (Sony EX-3) "Charity Angels Fashion Show" Bradley Media Camera Operator 
2012 Short Film (RED Epic) "Tennis" Park Drive Pictures 1st Assistant Camera/Focus Puller 
2012 Corporate (DSLR) "C.A.P" Digg Out Creative 'B' Camera Operator 
2012 Short Film (RED Epic) "A Ghetto Punk Romance" Rainstar Boutique Digital Image Technician 
2012 Corporate (HDCam) Yorkshire Mafia Bradley Media Camera Operator 
2012 Corporate (Sony EX-3) "Inside Track" M & C Saatchi/Bradley Media Camera Operator 
2012 Corporate (RED One MX/Super 8mm) "Undressing the Viking" Parashoots 1st Assistant Camera/Focus Puller 
2012 Short Film (Sony PMW-F3) "BlindEye" Tiresias Media Digital Image Technician 
2012 Drama/Doc (Canon C300) "Isaac Newton: The Last Magician" BBC Camera Assistant 
2012 Music Video (RED Epic) alt-J - 'Tesselate' Agile Films Camera Assistant 
2012 Television (Canon C300) "The Baby Bomb" Firecracker Films/BBC 3 'B' Camera Operator (Dailies) 
2012 Short Film (DSLR) "Persistence" YSJ 1st Assistant Camera/Focus Puller (UK Unit) 
2012 Feature Film (RED One MX) "Whoops!" Heavy Elephant/Milestone Films 1st Assistant Camera/Focus Puller 
2012 Feature Film (RED Epic/Sony FS-700) "Heckle" Palm Tree Films 1st Assistant Camera/Focus Puller 
2012 Short Film (DSLR) "Sanctuary" Sanctuary Film Northeast Ltd. Lighting Technician 
2012 Web Series (DSLR) "Nights at the Round Table" Redshirt FIlms Director of Photography 
2012 Feature Film (Sony PMW-F3) "Luck" Win Pictures Assistant Camera/Digital Image Technician 
2012 Drama Doc/Television (Canon C300) "A Great British Air Disaster" Darlow Smithson/Channel 4 Camera Assistant/'B' Camera Operator 
2012 Music Video (RED One) "Palm Reader" W&W Productions Director of Photography 
2012 Music Video (RED Epic) 9ice - "Attitude" UR Fresh TV 1st Assistant Camera/ Focus Puller 
2012 Short Film (RED One) "Fighter Pilot" Eboracum Pictures Director of Photography 
2012 Short Film (DSLR) "BLUD!" Gridloc FIlms Ltd Camera Operator 
2011 Corporate (Sony EX-3) Screen Yorkshire: 'Show Me The Money' Kaptur Media Camera Operator 
2011 Corporate (Sony EX-3) "Beached: An Opera for Bridlington" Kaptur Media Camera Operator 
2011 Feature Film (DSLR) "Amber" Milestone Films 1st Assistant Camera/Focus Puller 
2011 Docu-Drama Short (DSLR) "Penny Hedge" Eboracum Pictures Director of Photography 
2011 Short Film (DSLR/RED) "Gallery" Parashoots & Milestone Films 1st Assistant Camera/Focus Puller 
2011 Corporate (DSLR) "iMove" Parashoots Camera Operator/Editor 
2011 Short Film (DSLR) "Journey's End" Milestone Films Director of Photography 
2011 Music Video (DSLR) Elissa Franceschi - "Over" Rogue Frame Productions Director of Photography 
2011 Short Film (DSLR) "Hobgoblyn" Rogue Frame Productions Director of Photography 
2011 Music Video (DSLR) The Sorry Kisses - 'I.O.U Nothing' Milestone Films Camera Operator/Grip 
2011 Corporate (HDCam/DSLR) Artist as Witness 10/11: "We Came From the Ashes and Now....We Dance" York St John University Camera Operator/Editor 
2011 Corporate Video (HDCam) "No Monkey Don't Stop No Show" Kaptur Media Camera Operator 
2011 Corporate Video (HDCam) "Phoenix" Kaptur Media Camera Operator 
2011 Corporate Video/ Live Event (HDCam) NHBC Pride of the Job Awards Fluid Productions/ AV Network Camera Operator 
2011 Music Video (DSLR) Believe in F.A.T.E - "From Almost the End" Rogue Frame Productions Camera Operator/Grip 
2011 Short Film (DSLR) "A Simple Investigation" Milestone Films 1st Assistant Camera/Focus Puller 
2011 Feature Film (RED One MX) "White Lie" New Light Picture Ltd. 1st Assistant Camera/Focus Puller/2nd Unit DoP 
2011 Corporate (HDCam) 'One Big Step' Parashoots Film-maker 
2011 Short Film (DSLR) "Your Star" Keen Thinking Productions Director of Photography 
2011 Corporate Video (HDCam) Northern Ballet - "The Nutcracker" Kaptur Media Camera Operator 
2011 Docu/Drama (DSLR/HDCam) "The Storm" Slipspace Media Director of Photography 
2011 Music Video (DSLR) Elissa Franceschi - "Rocks and Tears" Rogue Frame Productions Director of Photography 
2011 Short Film (RED One/DSLR) "Carrington" Tom Kirby Films Director of Photography 
2010 Feature Film (DSLR) "Kenneth" Monster Island Films 1st Assistant Camera/Focus Puller 
2010 Music Video (DSLR) "The Sorry Kisses" Milestone FIlms Camera Operator/Grip 
2010 Corporate Video (HDCam/DSLR) "YSJ Connect" York St John University Camera Operator/Lighting/Grip 
2010 Feature Film (RED) "Elevator Gods" Happy Hour Films 1st Assistant Camera/Focus Puller 
2010 Music Video (DSLR) "Lazy Susan - Adam Dawson" Milestone Films Lighting Technician/Grip 
2010 Online Series Pilot (HDCam) "The Wick" Peacock Pictures Runner 
2010 Music Video (DSLR) "Blinding Lights - Alistair Griffin"  Runner 
2010 Corporate Video (DSLR) "Return to Learning" York St John University & Parashoots Film-maker 
2010 Corporate Video (HDCam) "Opportunities Gateway" York St John University Camera Operator/Lighting/Sound Recordist 
2010 Documentary (HDCam with 35mm Adapter) "Where the Waves Break" Tom Kirby Films Director of Photography 
2010 Corporate Video (DSLR) "Advance Training" - Casting Auditions Parashoots Camera Operator/DIT 
2010 Short Film (DSLR) "Leaf"  Milestone Films Camera/Glide Cam Operator 
2010 Book Trailer (16mm) "Blood Harvest" Shoot Productions Grip 
2010 Corporate Video (HDCam/DSLR) "Pantomime Before Berwick Kaler" York University Film-maker 
2010 Short Film (DSLR) "Never Far From the Tree" Bodie Films Director of Photography 
2010 Short Film (HDCam with 35mm Adapter) "Clocking Out" Slipspace Media Director of Photography 
2010 Corporate Video (HDCam) "Museum of London" Bodie Films Director of Photography 
2009 Short Film (RED) "Subtexts" Footprint Films Grip/Lighting Technician 
2009 Feature Film (HDCam with 35mm Adapter) "CrimeFighters" Milestone Films Lighting Technician/Grip 
2009 Short Film (HDCam with 35mm Adapter) "Beggars Bridge" Eboracum Pictures Camera Assistant (Pick ups) 
2009 Short Film (HDCam with 35mm Adapter) "Clockwork Cupid" Bodie Films Director of Photography 
2009 Short Film (HDCam with 35mm Adapter) "Secret Trace of Desire" Trespasser Films Lighting Technician 
2008 Corporate Video (HDCam) "It's a Lost Cause" C4C Camera Operator 
2007 Corporate Video (HDCam) "Virginia McKenna, A Life in Pictures" BAFTA Archives Camera Operator 
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